There’s nothing like a fresh breeze in your home — Phantom Screens makes the breeze possible, without the bugs. Be ready to let the outdoors in! Whether it’s a patio renovation, a deck installation, or a new set of French doors, more and more homeowners are adding Phantom retractable screens to improve their outdoor living areas.

An increased interest in eco-friendly architecture is encouraging builders across the country to incorporate outdoor spaces with the overall home design. The backyard and garden become a part of the floor plan when sliding glass doors lead to patios and decks. Phantom’s screens are a beautiful, effective solution for the common drawbacks of outdoor lifestyle such as insects, solar heat gain and lack of privacy.

These screens are only in place when needed, retracting out of sight when not needed. Additionally, several of Phantom’s solar meshes can significantly reduce heat gain while providing natural ventilation, helping homeowners keep air-conditioners in the “off” position more often. “As outdoor living and efficient use of living space trends are here to stay, Phantom’s retractable screens are now specified by a growing number of architects and builders to protect the integrity of homes and buildings with unique architectural styles,” says Ron Somers, VP of Sales & Marketing at Phantom Screens.