Everything You Need for an Exciting Shark Week Experience

Are you a Shark Week Fan? Can you believe that the Discovery Channel has been broadcasting this since 1988? For your Shark Week 2020, especially since travel is limited, you need to make it an event. This year I’ve put together everything I think you’ll need to enjoy Shark Week, both at home, and with some future travel plans.

Yes, this should be obvious that you need the Discovery Channel in order to watch Shark Week. However, many people, us included, don’t have cable. If you want to watch Shark Week, make sure you have the Discovery app on your smart device. For example, on your Amazon Fire Stick, I would then recommend using Hulu to watch the Discovery channel. You can sign up for a free trial or go all in and get Hulu live so you can watch based on the schedule below.

Are you worried about getting back into the water after you’ve watched all the sharks? Then you need a Shark Banz. Shark Banz is patented technology proven to help keep sharks away when you’re in the ocean. Developed by marine biologists, the Shark Banz is a magnetic band that you wear around your ankle. It’s designed specifically to deter predatory shark creatures.

Once upon a time I took a charter fishing trip and caught a shark. It was a nurse shark, and nothing like the Great White’s you’ll see on the discover channel, but it was exciting nevertheless. When you’re ready to travel again, consider booking a charter fishing trip. You may catch a shark-like the fellows in this picture below. And even if you don’t catch a shark, you’ll have an amazing adventure. Something to plan while you’re watching Shark Week.

Visit Viator, enter your city, and charter fishing trip and you’ll find plenty of options. With Viator, they have a free cancellation policy of up to 24 hours before your experience. Know that when you book, you can cancel if your plans or security levels change.